Day Care Services – a more sociable experience

At Howard Lodge Care Centre they are able to offer day care facilities providing varied, stimulating activities, companionship and care, within a safe environment.

The services are suitable for older people with varying levels of care needs, including those who have dementia.

Attending day services helps to relieve the loneliness and isolation of people living on their own and assists people in maintaining independence.

Day care services are also suitable for people who live with relatives, enabling family carers to have some respite with the peace of mind that their relative is being cared for.

Individualised care & activity plans are designed for our day care members taking into account personal care needs, interests and hobbies.  The activities on offer include arts and crafts, quizzes, reminiscence, bingo and trips out.

All of our day care services include lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Contact our main reception at Howard Lodge for more information on our day care services.

Medical Care Services

Our residents are offered a relaxed and comfortable home in which their needs, well being and choice are of prime importance.  We aim to achieve this by putting our residents at the centre of all decisions about their lives and by encouraging them to exercise their rights in all aspects of their care.  We strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all residents within a warm and caring atmosphere that is both safe and comfortable.

Prior to admission to either home we will make sure we understand your care needs.  We will create a personal care plan which is designed around you and will cater for all your care needs.  This plan will undergo constant reviews to ensure we are up to date with all of your latest care requirements.  We encourage family/friends to participate in these reviews to ensure all areas are covered and to answer any questions/concerns you may have at the time.

At both homes we are very fortunate to have a good working relationship with our excellent local GP surgery who visit the homes on a regular basis to carry out a weekly service from the homes or as and when required.  If you live nearby your own GP may still be available to visit you here otherwise we will arrange for our GP to see you.

Nursing care can also be provided from the community Nurses who provide all Nursing care needs the same as if you were in your own home.

Other additional care services that can be catered for are:

  • Chiropody
  • Dental checks (Local Dentists)
  • Dieticians
  • Prescription Deliveries
  • Opticians
  • Continence advisors
  • Personal Keyworker assigned to each resident
  • A manager/team leader on call 24/7

Respite/Short Term Care

Placing a parent, spouse or friend into care is never easy, and we fully understand that some people wish to stay in their own homes for as long as possible to do so.  This often means a close family member or friend takes on the role of the main carer.  We know how incredibly hard it is to care for someone 24 hours a day 7 days a week and how exhausting it can be if you don’t have support of others.  At St Michaels Homes we can offer that support with a day placement service, short stay (i.e. for a weekend or week) or respite care, this will give the carer the peace of mind that your loved one is safe and sound and within a friendly environment where they can enjoy all the same advantages as our residents do however giving you, the main carer, time to relax and enjoy time away from your care duties without worry.

Also if you have any planned or unplanned hospital operations/surgery and require help and assistance during your recovery please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to help you back on your feet.

We can provide care in the following areas:

  • Old Age
  • Dementia
  • Physical Disability
  • Sensory Impairment
  • Residential
  • Respite
  • Day Placement

The list above is not exhaustive of all care categories so please call us on 01277 372095 Option 4 for further information.

For help when choosing a residential home please follow this link which will cover all of the information you need   This is a not for profit organisation.

Catering Services

Apetito, who are part of the Wiltshire Farm Group, specialise in providing excellent quality foods for the Health Care Sector and have done so for St Michaels Homes Ltd for many years.  With this we can be certain that our food quality is of an excellent standard every time and the risk of contamination of food is greatly reduced.

Menu boards are located near the entrance of all our dining rooms offering two options at every meal time along with other alternatives.  We are also able to cater for any dietary/specialist requirements.  We also have a full English Breakfast option available twice a week.

 Our residents participate in choosing our menus and provide us with feedback on the food quality to make sure we are providing the highest quality and food choice

Meal Times Are:

  • Breakfast – 8am onwards
  • Lunch – 12.30pm/1.30pm
  • Supper – 5.30pm

Hot and Cold beverages and light snacks are available 24 hours a day.

Hotel Services

Within both homes we have a Housekeeping Team and a Housekeeping Manager who will undertake all the cleaning services within the home each day.

We provide a full laundry service and we ask that all items of clothing, wherever possible, be machine washable and clearly labelled so items of clothes will not get lost.  All rooms are decorated and maintained to a high standard by our maintenance team.  Our aim is to make our home yours, so we encourage you to bring your own homely possessions for example a chair, pictures and ornaments, etc.

Within all the bedrooms we can provide a standard single bed, wardrobe, bedside cabinet with a lockable storage facility.  We also have if required hoists, commodes, hospital beds, wheelchairs and many other items of medical equipment at your disposal.  Also within all rooms we have a Nurse Call system  which can either be operated via a press button or wireless device to call for assistance 24/7.  Also we have pressure mats/door monitors which are all linked via the Nurse Call System which can detect if someone is out of bed.

We appreciate that at times it may be difficult to attend all planned hospital/dentist appointments so we have a disabled minibus which is able to offer transport facilities for all residents and if required we can arrange a staff escort, however these services will involve an extra charge.

Rooms for Hire!!!!!!!

We have a total of 3 different sized rooms available for private hire, prices and details are below.  All proceeds are donated to the Howard Lodge Residents Fund

  • The Community Hub can hold 30 people comfortably (Size 7m x 4.5m).  This room is located within the Central Hub of the building and your guests can come and go as they please as we have a key code to enter the front door.  The cost of hire of this room is £75.00
  • Phoebe’s Tea Room is located adjacent to the Community Hub (Size 9.5m x 4.5m).  The Community Hub and Phoebe’s Tea room are divided by bi-folding doors.  The Tea Room can hold a further 35 people at a cost of £80
  • Should you require a larger space for a gathering/party we can pull back the bi-folding doors to open out the space for both rooms above.  The cost for this will be £90 for both rooms.
  • Please enquire or book on 01277 372095 (Option 4) or ask at reception.